Industries We Serve


Our Automotive clients utilize our Pre- & after Sales Support, Reservations, Case management, General inquiries, Outbound campaigns and a range of additional services.


Selling and supporting Business customers is vastly different than direct consumers. We understand the expectations and challenges and can help your B2B interactions to be successful and profitable.


Our team consists of highly trained Customer Service agents that continually exceed sales conversion rates that surpass the industry standards. In addition, we optimize every customer contact with a “Save the Customer” mentality.


We enable companies to remain agile and adapt to ‘the Digitization’ of traditional media, and new media. Having serviced the #1 Global Provider of On-Demand Internet Streaming Media we know how to help you gain and maintain competitive differentiation.

Financial Services

Our agents have years of expertise in the Financial services Industry coupled with intense training in industry-specific products and services, and compliance laws.


We combine our Technology with our Health Care expertise and compliance focus to give you exceptional business results that translates in higher patient satisfaction.

Higher Education

We understand the For-profit Higher Education industry’s need to stay ahead of the competitive market. A fresh lead converts at an 85% higher return so we work to present the best possible solution which leads to significantly higher lead conversion rates.

Information Technology

Our IT solutions can supplement your customer care operations by providing quality tier 0 through tier 2 technical support for the most complex technologies and environments.


We help Insurance providers with business process optimization services to deliver customer-facing and back office solutions while reducing costs and ensuring process integrity.


Some of the largest Telecom & Cable companies in the U.S. rely on our best-in-class customer care, sales, and performance -based telemarketing services.

Travel & Hospitality

Our processes and experience at Contax360 are designed to help clients create and maintain lifelong customer relationships and enhance the hospitality experience for their customers. We help you remain competitive by providing superior service with attractive costs.

We help you, so you can
focus on what matters most.